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Вконтакте How to trade forex 3: Bid Price, Ask Price, Spread, Base Currency, and Ооо см трейдинг Currency The main concern of a person entering forex trading is the fear of not understanding technical terms and therefore doing mistakes that might cost some money.

We believe your worries are totally justified and therefore would like to clarify all things that might sound difficult at first.

how to trade forex

Generally how to trade forex The Bid Price refers to the price at which you can sell a currency. The Ask Price refers to the price at which you can buy a currency. Now that we introduced the concept of Bid Price, Ask Price, and Spread it is important to understand how two currencies how to trade forex to each other and how we can apply the concepts we just introduced to such a relationship.

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It is legit to question the meaning of a currency pair and the answer is very simple. Every currency pair expresses how much quote currency is needed to purchase the base currency.

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Here is an example: Dollars to receive 1 Euro. This can be obtained by dividing 1 Euro with 1.

how to trade forex

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how to trade forex

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